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Keyword Development, Meta tags & Alt Image tags, 

It is important in today’s competitive world for just about every business to be able to speak to it’s  customer through the medium of the web. In order to develop and create an effective web presence, it is important to be found when people search the web looking for information.  SEO is a detailed process of insuring your key words and search phrases are placed throughout your website elements and content.  IE in page titles, url strings, content and meta tags etc.  It is not a complex process and anyone can be trained to understand and use these fundamentals.


Existing & New Websites, Content, Usability, Branding, Hosting Solutions.

Planning and developing a website is a critical time for business confronted with the many challenges of operating in the day to day channels of communication with potential guests or customers.

This is not a time to hand over all decision making to an IT  services business.  They will not always have the knowledge needed to understand the specifics of your business as a bed & breakfast operator or retail store.  Would you let a stranger buy a car for you?

  • Can most businesses and groups engage afford-ably and effectively on the web? Yes
  • Would social media help? Yes  Do you have to blog or post every day? No 

In some cases entrepreneurs learn by their mistakes by going through several iterations of websites before arriving at a model that works.  Contact us to discuss your needs with a short no obligation meeting or call.


New and existing websites can be effectively marketed online using keywords, search terms and geo targeting advertising.  Affordable for any size business.  A relatively uncomplicated process of selecting a block of terms, designing the ads, geographically targeting where they should show.. (right down to a specific city etc) with a budget of as little as $2-$5 per day with a maximum bid set for each term/phrase.


Ensure you are using effective imagery on your website.  A picture is worth one thousand words. A quote that truly represents  online possibility. People relate strongly to imagery and when used well (ensuring image size, tags, placement are optimized) can really help to sell your product or service.  There are a number of inexpensive stock image sites that can be sourced for very professional looking imagery.

Visit for examples of effective photography that can be used online.

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